Rubbish Recycling In Australia

In 2017, Australia sent 600,000 tonnes of trash to China. But in January 2018, China effectively put a stop to such kind of export by placing a ban of imported recyclable trash. The move has prompted Australian authorities to admit that the country wont be able to handle the amount of rubbish from households because theres nowhere for it to go.
In a move to immediately address the threat brought about by the ban, authorities in some states and councils are proposing placing levies on rubbish collected from commercial and residential units. It is hoped that such a levy will make businesses and residents think twice about how much theyll end up throwing away.
Then again, some councils such as Ipswich have seemingly given up on recycling rubbish. Instead, they opted for rubbish to go straight to the landfill. As homeowners, what can we do to help in our little way?

Buy minimal –
The practice of recycling starts in the home. Its what we teach our children and family members about how important it is to minimize waste that can help with an impending national crisis. The idea is to only buy things that we need rather than collecting wants thatll soon end up being thrown away anyway.

Use, dont collect. –
Take a look at your collection of tableware. Those plates, bowls, spoons, cutlery, etc. still have a purpose to serve. If you buy another set of those and plan to replace and throw away something thats still functional, youre only increasing kerbside waste. So the idea is to use what we have throughout its lifespan.

Upcycle for something new –
The idea behind upcycling involves a little more creativity than merely recycling or reusing. When you upcycle, you take something and create something new out of it. Its new purpose for utility may change in the process but hey, you’ve created something new. There are literally tonnes of upcycling ideas online that you can follow.

Donate to help others –
Sometimes, there are things that we decide to throw that may be worth salvaging because they are still fully functional. Thats wrong because someone out there may be needy and that stuff were throwing away may be the answer to their prayers. So before tossing something to the bin, think, is this still useful? If so, donate it.

Sell to earn –
If you’d like to make money from what could be considered waste to some people, then you have local online groups to make that happen. Trading platforms like eBay or Gumtree are another ideal place to sell stuff you no longer use. And dont forget, garage sale is always a fun option.