Top Reasons To Call Flood Damage Restoration Professionals

When a flood occurs the damage to the house is usually extensive. Most homeowners are tempted to try the cleanup on their own but more often than not they do not know they require professional flood damage restoration services instead. Here are some of the top reasons why you should hire professionals to do your flood damage restoration.

Fast Water Extraction – the first 48 hours are critical during a flood. What you do during these first few hours of the flood determines how much damage will happen in your house. Swift action should be taken and professionals are aware of this. They will respond immediately and will come heavily equiped with state of the art equipment that facilitates quick removal of the water and accelerates the drying process so you get your house back in no time at all.

Flood Water Is Contaminated Water – Flood water is usually contaminated and dealing with it without the proper personal protective equipment can be dangerous to you. Flood water contains biological contaminants because it could be mixed with sewage, chemicals and other toxins that could jeopardize your health. Also, it might come with debris like broken glass that can cause physical harm to you.

Professionals Know When It is Really Dry – to your eyes, it might look like the place is completely dried but still there can be a lot of moisture lingering in the air. Professionals will measure the moisture in your house to determine whether it is completely dry or not. Moisture encourages growth of mold in the house. Professionals will use technology to determine where water is hiding and get it out completely.

Inventory and evidence for insurance claims – your insurance agent will not just send you a check because a flood has hit your house. They need an inventory of everything that was damaged. They also require evidence in form of pictures and videos to see what happened so that they can honor your claims. Professionals know all the right paperwork required and what should be done to make your claim go smoothly.

Saving your Items – upholstered furniture and other possessions soaked in water might look like they are no good to you and as if they cannot be saved. Professionals are able to properly assess all the items soaked by water to determine what can be salvaged and what cannot. What can be salvaged will be salvaged quickly and easily because they have all the necessary equipment to clean, sanitize and dry your items.

Flood Cleanup is not an easy task – Water is very heavy. Did you know that only one gallon of water weighs 8.39 pounds. When a flood hits there will be hundreds if not more gallons of water that you have to remove from the house. When you call on professionals they come with the right equipment to deal with the mess. They also send a team of people to your house to bring the manpower that you need for quick flood damage restoration.